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The Long Haul

The Long Haul

For all the places I've been so far, long haul flights haven't really been something I've had to deal with. All of my trips have been to somewhere in Europe or close by, and last year I felt like that was something I needed to change.

I'm not the world's greatest traveller. I've blogged before about my travel sickness and how much I dislike the getting there. But I decided to go to Thailand, just two flights and a layover away from me. I flew with Emirates, and was so excited. My measly minimum wage situation meant I wasn't going to be flying in the fancy first class rooms they have, but I knew the economy seats were still going to be a huge step above anything I had experienced before.

I was not wrong. Boarding the flight from Glasgow to Dubai, my mouth hung open. I mean there were stars on the ceiling. Stars! On the seat there was a pillow, blanket and set of headphones to watch the little T.V. on the back of the seat in front of me. The eight hour flight flew in as I watched a marathon of crap T.V. and ate my way through the free snacks whilst everyone else on my relatively quiet flight got some shut eye.

The flight from Dubai to Thailand was a completely different story. We were on a smaller crammed plane, sitting in the middle of a row of four (claustrophobic). I got sick and managed to spend a good few hours apologising to the guy beside me as I rushed up and down the aisle to the toilet to spew my guts out. Note: possibly the worst place I have ever puked. Bonus: we are now Facebook friends.

I'll definitely be flying long haul again in the near future. Though next time I'll be sure to book some aisle seats (and not eat all the food). If Thailand was worth it, then I'm sure the rest of the world must be!

Do you have any in-flight horror stories?

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