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Tours, Brunch and Nightlife in Berlin

Tours, Brunch and Nightlife in Berlin

I’d like to think at this point that I’ve travelled quite a bit. I’ve seen a lot of Europe - even a few different areas of Germany! But I’ve never ever been to Berlin. Why? Good question! The idea has been floated around a few times when new travel destinations have been discussed - but somewhere else has always trumped Germany’s capital. So when the opportunity came up for a really (really really) cheap visit, I jumped on it. Here is a little glimpse of a few of the things I got up to in Berlin.


I always always take a little walking tour when I go to a new place. Sure bus tours etc are great (especially in colder destinations), but I always find I learn and enjoy so much more when I walk through a city. In Berlin I came across ‘Original Europe Tours’ which hosted a free 3 hour walking tour 3 times a day. Ideal! The tour met just off Alexanderplatz, and off we went. I have to give total props to our guide Francisco - the 3 hour tour ran on to 5 hours - you could tell he really loved his job! I had a lovely time, and thanks to the tour managed to hit up all the major historical sites in the city (and learned way more about them than I would have on my own). We had one quick coffee stop to warm up, so the tour really was in depth. Dress warm in colder months though - I went at the start of November and really started to feel the chill as the sun went down!

For an alternative view of the city (and a little warmer too), we hitched a ride on one of the canal boat tours. Not quite as informative as the walking tour, but we spent a lovely cosy hour sailing around and seeing the city from the water.


Everyone told me to try currywurst, but I just couldn’t do it! Being mostly veggie, the idea of chopped up sausage with curry tomato sauce just wasn’t my thing. But Berlin has sooooo much more to offer on the foodie front than the dish it’s famous for. Being a brunch kinda gal, I made it my mission to find a few cute little spots to set my friend and I up for the day, and we were spoilt for choice. Before our walking tour we tried finding a cool spot near Alexanderplatz, and The Reed popped up. I should say, it wasn’t my usual thing at all, but I seriously loved it. Downstairs was a cute little coffee shop, and we headed upstairs into the really cool dining area - with a live DJ! - for brunch. The food was delicious (Eggs Benedict is always a win for me), the music was fab and the decor was something else! We loved it so much we headed back on our last morning for coffee and cake.

On our quiet Sunday morning, we decided to pop along and try House of Small Wonder - a Japanese inspired brunch spot serving everything from French toast to miso soup on the brunch menu. We were told there was an hour wait for a table (always a good sign), and decided to have a drink in the downstairs bar. It’s never to early for a mimosa really, is it? There was also a cute little selection of pastries - and some really good coffee - to help pass the time.

The restaurant is at the top of a spiral staircase, decorated with loads of plants and greenery, and has a lovely cosy atmosphere. The menus are inside books, and super eclectic. I had a croissant French toast, whilst my friend had Soboro Don - a Japanese style dish of ground chicken and scrambled eggs over rice. We had a side of miso soup and Mediterranean salad. It was alllll good. I wish I’d had time for another visit before we left! Definitely a spot to head back to next time I’m in Berlin.


Ok confession time. I didn't actually do a lot of partying in Berlin. I know, I know, the city is renowned for its’ clubbing and nightlife. But it just wasn’t what I was there for. I spent a lot of time in the Gendarmenmarkt area at night time, and honestly had the best time strolling around the wine bars and fancy hotels. The hotel I stayed in (Hotel Titanic) had live music at the weekend, and an amazing party atmosphere. The short walk back to the room wasn’t bad either!

I loved my time in Berlin - and now I need to make plans to go back when the Christmas markets are on! I can imagine how festive and cute everything must look when it’s covered in fairy lights and snow - and I only missed it by a few weeks!

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