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Summer Hair and Body Essentials

Summer Hair and Body Essentials

I love nothing more than a summer holiday. Lying in the sun, swimming in the sea and having drinks at a swim up bar are the ultimate dream for me. But my hair and skin suffer so much that I look like a completely different person for a few weeks after I come home. My normal combination/oily skin and healthy hair are dry and brittle, my skin peels and feels rough and my hair breaks and needs some major TLC to get back to normal.

For the past few years I’ve taken way too many products with me on holiday to try and prevent the inevitable. And thanks to this extremely thorough research, I’ve managed to find a few gems to help me enjoy healthy skin and hair whilst also enjoying my sun, sea and sand.


My hair can be quite a volatile beast to deal with in general. It’s oily at the roots and dry at the ends and super prone to frizz and flyaway. A total combination of difficult behaviour. Before, whenever I went to a hot country I would douse it in super heavy shampoo and conditioners - something I would never do at home because it weighs it down and makes it greasy - and hope it stopped it from pinging in all directions the minute I went outside. Now, I have a few products I know I can count on to tame my frizz and keep my hair soft and shiny.

I’ve been using Aussie products on and off for years and always enjoyed them, but never found one I like enough to stick with. But a couple of years ago I decided to take the Miracle Moist range on a trip to Singapore and have never looked back. The shampoo is lightweight and nourishing and the conditioner feels like a drink to parched holiday hair. I’m not usually one for shampoos that aren’t clear, as they tend to leave a heavy buildup in my hair, but thanks to 0% paraben and silicone my hair felt light, clean and moisturised. The only downside for me is the smell (slightly bubblegum), but it’s not enough to put me off! I wouldn’t use it at home as my hair falls more to the oily side, but I take it on sunny holidays every single time.


Davines are a brand I first learned about through my hairdresser. I was looking for a leave in conditioner that would deal with tangles and provide some heat protection without leaving a heavy buildup in my hair and was recommended the Oi All In One Milk. My life has been changed. I use this all year round on towel dried hair, and it’s left feeling smooth, shiny and soft. This is the kind of product you convert your friends to - and I have,

When Sisley brought out their new hair ritual last year I was very interested. Since trying all of the products, I can honestly say that the hair oil and the hair mask have both made it into my regular routine. The dinky little travel sizes of the hair oil are perfect for holidays, and I refill them every time I go. Combined with my Davines All In One, my hair is practically glossy and can withstand any heat or humidity, The hair mask is ideal for the middle of a holiday, when my hair is starting to suffer from all the chlorine and salt water, restoring the texture and sorting out the ends for the rest of the week. I’ve also been obsessed with the Precious Hair Care Oil, which gives my hair that little extra barrier against sun and sea damage.



As a pale gal, sun protection is so important to me. I’m always looking for that one sunscreen that isn’t too oily, gives me enough protection and smells nice. Which is hard, especially when I hate the greasy residue feeling on my hands. When Clarins brought out the Sun Care Body Cream and Aftersun, I knew I had to try. The formula absorbs so quickly and feels hydrating - and doesn’t leave my hands a greasy mess! The Aftersun is super cooling after a long, hard day lounging in the sunshine, and helped even out and prolong my tan. There was none of the usual sticky residue, and the formula absorbed super quickly.


I have never met a Molton Brown product I didn’t like, and whenever I go on holiday I make sure to bring one of their little minis with me. One of my favourite summer bath and shower gels is the Serene Coco & Sandalwood, which smells incredible and lasts forever on the skin. The formula doesn’t strip the skin or dry it out, making it perfect for summer holidays!


Winter wise, things are different. I’m still all about hydration, but the products are slightly different. For summer, I’m more interested in protection and restoration. With a few trips left to go for the year, I’ll be sure to try more products for all seasons!

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